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A thing or two about how we started...

A thing or two about how we started...

Just like any other startup business, Printheos started as an idea.

Danijel, one of our developers was talking to a print shop owner who was frustrated because his business was not doing so great. He thought that, if he had an automated online shop where he could present and sell his products, he'd have much more time to improve other aspects of his business, without recruiting new people (because at the time, he didn't have sufficient funds). After hearing him out, Danijel was intrigued, and started doing research about the print industry. He found out that there were already some software solutions available online, but they were far from perfect, and each one of them was missing something. So, he assembled a team of 5 people (Danijel, Mijo, Vjeko, Zrinko and himself) and we started working on the idea. The development process lasted for about two years. (As you can imagine, it's still going on...)

We applied for a startup competition called Sarajevo Startup Weekend.

During the 3 days of the competition, with a lot of help from startup trainers and other succesfull advisors, our team created a detailed plan for ''Project Printheos''.

We presented our business idea to other young enterpreneurs and the official judges, and hoped for the best. We're proud to say that our idea was selected among many other great ones, and we were declared winners.

After Sarajevo StartupWeekend, the team got an injection of motivation we could only dream of until that moment. We realized that other people, beside us, think we have something good going on. All of our associates in print industry urged us to deliver as soon as we could. Using the knowledge we got in Sarajevo, and  everything ve learned by hangin' out in print shops for years, talking to people whose problems we needed to solve, we doubled our efforts and finalized Printheos version 1.0.

And here it is now!

Out there.

We still can't believe it.

But we're proud of ourselves.


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